Wooden Boat Surveys

For a Condition Survey of a traditionally built wooden boat it may, as the survey progresses, be prudent to expose and withdraw a number of fasteners at chosen locations on both sides of the boat.

Certain types of fastener are not amenable to being withdrawn and in such cases the surveyor will rely upon other  methods of making a determination as to their condition.

Removal and re-fitting of fastenings, for obvious reasons, must be done carefully. Threaded fasteners must be replaced with new fasteners consistent with the originals but of larger diameter. 

Plugging stopping and painting will be left to the client and owner to arrange.

Therefore, in the case of a Pre-Purchase Survey the terms of the sale will have been finalised subject to the survey and it will have been agreed by the parties and confirmed by the broker/owner prior to the survey that the vendor/owner has or has not consented to the surveyor or yard staff pulling and refastening.

During the survey keel bolts as well as stem and stern post bolts will be hammer and tightness tested and dependent on the boat's age, the material of the ballast keel and the keel bolts it may be recommended that a representative sample of keel bolts are pulled. This is a major task and so where bolts have been pulled previously it would be advantageous if date stamped photographic evidence of findings was to be readily available.

Unnecessary use of sharp sharp tools such as awls and knives is not acceptable. When and where such implements are used of necessity to ensure a thorough survey no damage cosmetic or otherwise will be inflicted on the boat.