Arranging a Leisure Boat Survey

Following your enquiry we will contact you to,                                       (Click

  • confirm the details of the boat and the purpose of the survey
  • the location of the survey
  • and any other information that may be pertinent.

We will be interested to understand,

  • where and how you intend to use the boat
  • any particular arrangements that maybe required to facilitate the survey. 

At this stage we should be in a position to provide you an indicative quote which we will then follow up with both a formal quotation and our Terms of Business.

The price we charge for surveys is an up-front fixed charge and will allow for,

  • travel expenses to the survey location
  • survey hours
  • a post survey appraisal
  • report writing
  • consultation following your receipt of the Final Survey Report

Please note however that charges for the work performed by others such as haul outs, pressure washing and launches are not included and such arrangements should be made directly with those providing the service.

The Agreement and Terms of Business together with our invoice will be sent to you by email in advance of the survey.

Before the day of the survey we will advise you,

  • the time we plan to arrive at the boat
  • an estimate of when we expect to conclude the survey
  • an estimate of when we expect to complete the draft report.

Preparing the survey report takes at least as many hours as the physical survey.

Once the draft survey report is prepared we will,

  • arrange a telephone call or meeting with you to review the findings and the recommendations and to discuss with you the implications of both.

The Final Report,

  • Clients will receive an electronic copy by email and two hard copies by post.
  • For boats up to 15m we aim to provide the electronic copy of the final report within 5 working days of the conclusion of the survey.