ARDGLASS - Quantifying & Measureing

Thursday, 1st February 2018
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Quantifying & Measuring

Anderson, Rigden & Perkins built working boats as well as yachts and in common with many work boats the frames of ARDGLASS are not let into the keel and only her substantial oak floors tie the structure together. However, at the grand age of 89 years and with clear evidence that the last few decades were difficult it was re-assuring that to the eye, despite cracked frames, the hull remains fair and she has retained her shape reasonably well with two hard spots just aft of midships which can be rectified The port half beam has been measured as 4 ft 3 9/16  inch (just 1/16 inch greater than design) and the starboard half beam as 4 ft 2 9/16 inch (7 /16 inch less than design)  and resulting her beam today being 8 ft 6 1/8 inch and not the 8 ft 7 inch of her original design.

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